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Feature 03

Secure Evidence Tracking

Our specialized feature within the Traxx App ensures meticulous tracking of evidence through a robust chain of custody. Each sample is assigned a unique barcode, enabling seamless monitoring from collection in the field to storage and analysis. This service guarantees the integrity and reliability of forensic evidence, adhering to international standards, and facilitating accurate documentation for legal proceedings.

Feature 01

Comprehensive Forensic Training

Tailored workshops conducted by WTL and KWS experts, designed to equip law enforcement personnel with in-depth knowledge about using the Traxx App. Covering sample collection techniques, chain of custody management, and advanced app functionalities, these workshops ensure thorough understanding and effective utilization of the application.

Feature 02

Seamless Application Integration

WTL offers hands-on support in deploying and integrating the Traxx App across wildlife crime enforcement sites. Our team collaborates closely with your organization to ensure a smooth implementation process, providing guidance, technical support, and customization options to align the application with specific operational needs.

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